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The worst online shopping experience I have had! EVER!

Firstly, I don't complain. But with this company I will make an exception.

Like you I came here to read reviews of the company before ordering as I'd never heard of them before. Like you I read a few negative reviews and a few good reviews and decided to take a chance. I regret that now and hopefully I can prevent you from experiencing the same.

I placed an order for a Braun 7 799cc electric shaver. The money was taken three times from my credit card! I then called to sort the issue out and was informed that they are having problems with their payment systems!

I then received a call to tell me that the shaver I ordered was the wrong one advertised and the model they had was the model below the one purchased - but the price was the same. Alarm bells should have started ringing about now but a 10% discount was offered to me to dull the pain. Apologies were also given to me on the over-charging and I was advised this is an issue with the company the Health Counter uses to process payments - outside payment company?

I was asked to leave placing my second order for a week to the payment issues with the other company could be sorted, so I did. I left it a week then called back and was advised to place my order online, which I did. That was on Friday past.

Monday I received another call telling me that the order was "sitting here" ready to be posted and would be sent out by Parcel Force and according to my card account the payment had already been taken. Monday evening I received a text from Parcel Force saying that my order will be with me on the 9th (next day).

Next day arrives and then I get another call and email from the Health Counter informing me that there has been another issue with my payment and that the order hasn't been dispatched yet! I was advised that the third party payment company takes two payments from your card; one to see if the funds are available then the second when the order is dispatched. A few days later the first 'test' payment is refunded to your card.

My patience were all but gone I then explained to the customer service rep that in 20 years of mail order shopping I have never encountered such activity from a company and that I want no further communication or business with The Health Counter.

I was advised the issue with payments that I was having has been happening to others as well so I advised the company to make a note on their website that they are having payment issues. I was told they would do so - so let's see if they do!

I was annoyed after the wrong product was advertised but I gave them a second chance. I was annoyed about the payments issue but I gave them a third chance. Then finally I gave up, disgusted and messed about.

My advice is to steer well clear of this company until they get themselves sorted and better established. But right now they're new, unreliable and not trustworthy and you do run the risk of having the same problems as me should you order from them. As they are unable to process payments unless your card gets billed several times.

Hopefully someone will find this review helpful. My aim isn't to lose the company business but to help them learn from their mistakes by publicizing my experience on the web and to try and prevent others going through what I went through.

The old saying of cheap pricing being "too good to be true" rings very true for the Heath Counter.

Monster Supplements

Fantastic all round service!

Never ordered from Monster Supplements before, neither do I write reviews either (too lazy) but felt I owed it to this company considering the service I received and the keen prices also.

I ordered BSN's new Syntha-6 Isolate which is quite expensive averaging around £50 for a 4lb tub. But using Monster Supplement's multi-buy option I got the tubs at £39 with free delivery and a very nice sports bag thrown in for good measure - also FREE which I was well pleased with I must say. I also had a few other we samples in with my order and whilst I don't expect the freebies with every order I place with them it's left a good taste in my mouth for a new customer. They made the effort to make me feel welcome and they succeeded - simple. And I've used enough suppliers over the years to know good customer service when I see it!

Delivery was 48hrs to N.Ireland which is fantastic. Needless to say that Monster Supplements have gained a new customer. I can't recommend these guys enough!

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