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One star is too many

Ordered passport photos. Promise to dispatch same day but did not do so. Did not post out next day either. Sent email confirming dispatch on day 2 then a few hours later another apologising and advising not dispatched. Have to go out and find somewhere local quickly tomorrow to get them done. Very unreliable and unprofessional.


First class

Regular purchaser. Good prices and prompt delivery


Prepare for a fight if you wish to end your contract

This is a completely unprofessional establishment with multiple staff members at the call centre who will repeatedly ignore any instruction you might give them, no matter how clear that instruction may be. I can understand why people swear on these calls as I had to scream at them at least ten times to cancel my contract. It is apparent they are tasked to either address your concerns and keep your business, or to wind you up so that you put the phone down and give up trying to cancel. I stuck to my guns and have been told my plan has been cancelled. However I am now confirming in writing as I do not trust them and have no proof of the cancellation. A shameful way to behave.

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Riverside Garden Centre

Sadly lacking in my experience

I bought my lemon coloured branded kettle BBQ online. When I went to put the item together I found the enamel was coming away on the edge of the basin where it should not be. I did not want to take the risk it would worsen in use so I asked for it to be returned on the basis it was damaged. Riverside have refused to simply arrange for the item to be collected and refunded as clearly requested by me,(I have had it for 5 days) advising me they have a strict code of conduct agreed with the manufacturer and I must send photos and they will tell me what happens next! If they are going to have the original item back in their possession they will not need me to send photos and why are they trying to involve the manufacturer in our transaction?.They have even tried to get me to call the manufacturer direct for "advice" when my contract is with the garden centre. They are doing everything they can to get me to retain the item and to avoid arranging a refund. In fact, under distance selling regulations I do not even need to have a reason to return the item at this early stage but I didn't want somebody else being sent the same slightly damaged item. Having taken some advice I have a dilema now because I do not feel they can be trusted on the basis of my experience to date and if I send back the item myself I will incur more expense which I cannot afford. Having read their past feedback I am really surprised that they have been so difficult and have not just apologised and arranged collection and a refund. My advice is to check any item you buy immediately, only buy if you can, and are prepared, to photograph any faults (my camera is only cheap and does not do closeups) and preferably buy instore and check before leaving.


Not at all ideal just UNPROFESSIONAL

Two attempts to get a pressure washer delivered quickly. Never believe the time scales the presenters quote - complete rubbish. The first time I actually had to apply to the small claims court as the item never arrived at all. They refunded at the last minute before the court processed my application. Stupidly have tried again as the price was good and surprise surprise the item has not been dispatched when promised. Deliberately keep you waiting on the premium rate phone line which gives them a profit and then the indians just block any attempt to cancel an order. The man who regularly represents Karcher should research their real delivery timescales before quoting inaccurate timescales on TV.

Garden Best Buys

Great service

I purchased a hanging bird table and a selection of bird food. Delivered promptly and all of the prices were very competitive. Couldn't ask for more really,

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