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$2 for In-Store Pickup, seriously?!!!

Ok, I used to love Adorama. I find they are quite professional and not bad pricing, but I felt really ripped-off having to the pay stupid $2 charge just for in store-pickup!

This is pathetic. I don't know any other companies that would charge for such unnecessary fine. What's next? A $5 late-fee for not picking your order on time? In fact this would be a better idea business model if Adorama went for a library late-fee for order kept 5 days over the pickup days...because if Adorama is so concerned about storage space, use this business model instead; hence, basically punishing those who are late...instead of hurting those who are punctual in pickup and for people who live 3 blocks from the store as this right now is an absolute preposterous rip-off.

I used Adorama in the past and love them for it and never bother looking for any other companies for my print-out needs...but now I'm looking for better alternative.

I hate being felt ripped-off!

12 March 2013

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Dear Barron

Thank you for leaving your review, and I do absolutely understand why you are unhappy with the new system.

I personally think that your idea about levying a late fee instead is possibly very workable, so I'm going to suggest to the AdoramaPix Manager something along the lines that if we make the $2 charge, but refund it if the prints are collected within an agreed period; would that sound more reasonable?

You see, it isn't just the storage space that's an issue, but the lab is processing prints etc which ends up being costly in terms of both the processes themselves and staff time to do the work. If prints are not collected, these costs, inevitably, are passed on to every other customer.

I'd like to thank you personally for your suggestion - would you be able to email me directly:

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

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