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After customer care and senior fitter AWFUL

Here is my letter to Hammonds sent 2 WEEKS AGO - STILL no reply or even acknowledgement, also NO ALLEN KEY which was apparently POSTED 2 weeks ago as the senior fitter refused to give it to me!!!
We write to complain regarding the above order of bedroom furniture taken by your designer, John Fox on 11th January. A surveyor (Lee) checked the order and measurements on 28th January and installation was booked for 12th and 13th February 2014. We expressed concern at the short notice and were advised that Hammonds required SEVEN days’ notice of cancellation. Despite the shortage of time to decorate the room in readiness for the installation, we complied and were ready for the fitter, Lee Falconer to commence work when he arrived at 8am. On Wednesday 12th, I overheard Lee contact his manager as he was concerned straightaway about the position of the main light switch, something which was raised with the surveyor as I was worried that John Fox had not taken this into consideration in his design. The manager told Lee the company would pay for electrical works to move the switch, however, Lee managed to get around this although the wardrobe doors overlap more than they should. We would not have wanted the switch moved as this would have ruined the decorating already undertaken.
Lee also advised me that the internal brackets had not been delivered but should arrive the following day – at no time were we advised of this in advance by Hammonds. Furthermore the internal floor panels promised by the designer had not been ordered. At around 4pm that day it transpired that the internal brackets would not arrive the following day and since Customer Service closed at 5pm I was unable to ascertain when the delivery would be made. By this time it was too late to contact my husband who had the Thursday booked as leave, a complete waste of a day’s holiday. Lee could not complete the works as booked and was most apologetic – I completed his paperwork accordingly before he departed. Despite my request for Hammonds to contact me first thing Thursday morning with an explanation of what was happening, I was not contacted until late morning only to be told that the bedroom furniture could not be completed until the following Thursday (20th). I have therefore had to take additional leave. To cap it all, I received a text on Monday 17th stating that Hammonds would be delivering the furniture on Tuesday 18th before 10am. I telephoned Customer Services at 1.30 to rearrange as this was inconvenient but never received the promised call back and had to telephone yet again at 4.15 to find out what was going on! I was told that the order would be delivered to a fitter who would in turn deliver it to our fitter who was due come on Thursday 20th – only for a box of parts to be delivered to me on Wednesday 19th.
I was then told that a senior fitter, Wally, had been booked for Thursday 20th who would handle the remaining fitting and ensure I was completely satisfied with the furniture. Despite being ready to receive Wally at 8am, he had not arrived by 9.15am. When I telephoned to enquire where he was I was told the appointment was been 8 and 11am – this does not appear very efficient, if a fitter does not arrive until 11am half the day is gone! Wally arrived at 9.30am, when I said I expected him earlier he complained he had to come from Luton. I asked him not to cut the wood flooring in the bedroom as it would create additional mess on freshly painted surfaces and instead do it in the garage however he insisted he had to do it in the bedroom as he couldn’t keep up and down the stairs but agreed to my request that he clear up at the end of the day.
Just before 5pm (Lee had said he would have done the whole job in one day if all the parts were available) Wally told me he had finished and I could take a look. I immediately saw an area he had not masticked which I asked him to correct, the units were left very dusty, Lee spent a long time cleaning all the units at the end of his day despite knowing they were not complete. The floor and walls were also covered in dust. I then asked Wally if he would show me with the allen key how to adjust the shelves and rails as he had only pointed to the fixings and I wanted to be sure exactly how they worked. He abruptly stated:” I’ve had enough of you today, you can deal with the office”. I was very shocked as this was said in front of myself and my 11 year old son, all I could say in return was, “how rude”. Wally departed in such a hurry he failed to get me to complete any paperwork. I immediately telephoned customer services and spoke to Clare Caswell who was quite sympathetic and said I should not have been spoken to in such a way in my own home. She promised to call me back the next day once she had a chance to contact Wally’s manager. This Clare duly did, however, she told me the director was not available to approve compensation and she would call me at 11am on Monday. Clare eventually called me at 2.40pm on Monday to offer me a measly £100 as a “goodwill gesture”. I turned down this offer flat as it was not adequate recompense for all the inconvenience and stress suffered when we had committed to spend £5,000 with your company. Clare indicated this was a one time offer and if I wanted to take it further to contact the Furniture Ombudsman. I then googled Hammonds Customer Reviews – so many complaints along similar lines. As previously mentioned, my husband lost a day’s holiday from work which I understand you usually compensate with £50, I had to take an additional day’s leave so what do we get for the downright rudeness of your employee Wally and the incompetence of your surveyor? Had we cancelled with less than seven days’ notice we would have been penalised £150.
Sadly our experience of your company (with the notable exception of Lee Falconer) has been a catalogue of errors and extremely poor customer service. Hammonds insisted on SEVEN days’ notice of cancellation yet have made eleventh hour changes to arrangements twice causing us great inconvenience and stress. We have waited six years for the bedroom of our dreams which has become a nightmare thanks to the incompetence of your company.
We look forward to receiving a dramatically improved offer of compensation from yourselves at your earliest convenience.
In summary, I wish I had visited this site before I booked my furniture. My advice - go elsewhere and don't touch Hammonds with a barge pole!!!

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11 March 2014

Reply from Hammonds Furniture

We are very sorry to hear about your recent disappointment with Hammonds.
The Hammonds team works really hard to get things right every time but we appreciate customers taking the time to let us know if we’ve made a mistake.
We understand that our customer service team are aware of your complaint and a response letter has been sent to you, which you should receive in the next few working days.
The Hammonds online team

Mazuma Mobile

the only place to sell your mobile!

Wow what a great service, keeping you informed all the while so you know exactly what is going on. They send the cheque out very promptly too, all in all, an amazing service, I would not hesitate to recommend or use again.

Pet Prescription

a little disappointed ...

I tried to order recently twice on line and pay using paypal however for some reason the order was not processed even though I am a frequent user of paypal. I phoned Pet Prescription in the end as my dog had run out of tablets and I was getting concerned. Despite saying I could have a worming treatment at the offer price I thought I was paying previously however this was not the case and I ended up paying more. I was also disappointed that Pet Prescription started to charge postage & packing, I don't think they are as competitively priced as they used to be.

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