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Trust Trustpilot ? No - Absolutely do not

Our Flightstore page, www.flightstore.co.uk on this site is being maliciously attacked by a now known fake user. This user has removed over 30 reviews all within an hour on the same day.
Obviously this is not a random or real request, but it shows quite clearly how ANYONE can try and ruin a business unfairly.
Of course we informed Trustpilot of this and have never received a reply.
Now our reviews are disappearing.
Of course we can tackle this problem outside of Trustpilot and are have begun doing so vigorously today in a legal framework.

But it is just so disappointing that Trustpilot , which is a business have no understanding of business at all

PS: Allow me to reply on behalf of Trustpilot

"Trustpilot is an open platform where anyone can post reviews or request reviews to be reported bla blabla"

20 December 2013

Reply from Trustpilot


Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback.

I know it can be frustrating to see reviews reported on Trustpilot, however since our site is an open platform for users to share their experiences of companies they've had a buying experience with, we allow reviews to be reported by anyone in our community, users or companies, and this helps allow us to remain independent. We don't moderate reviews before they are published, and the reporting option helps us to maintain the quality of the reviews on our site.

Users can report a review for the reason 'suspicion of false reviews', and there can be many reasons why they suspect a review is not genuine. When they select this option, the reporting message shows as lacking proof of purchase. This is because we will have sent out a proof of purchase request to the user to verify their review.

If you want to read more information about our reported review process, I can direct you to an article on this here:

I hope this helps explain why we have the reporting options we do.

Best Regards,

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