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Fender Flatwound Strings

I purchased a set of Fender flatwounds online (for a very competitive price…) from Sounds Live - they arrived promptly and I set about putting them on my Jazz Bass. . The ‘D’ snapped at the peg end while I was stringing up, l so I thought there may be an issue with the string. I still hadn’t ruled out ‘pilot error’ at this stage. So, I dropped a line to Sounds Live asking if I could buy a single D.

Within the day, I received a very apologetic letter from Tom Cleugh at Sounds Live who told me he’d got in touch with Fender to sort out a replacement. I then received a number of emails tracking the process of the order. A day later, I received another, equally courteous and apologetic email, this time from Tom Gardner at Fender saying that the strings (a full set, not just the dodgy one) were in the post and to make up for any inconvenience, he’d included a couple of custom shop patch leads. The strings arrived one day later.

I reckon that’s customer service above and beyond the call of duty.

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