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Wooden Blinds-direct

Avoid customer service is outrageous!!!

I ordered two sets of blinds for my front window and all was fine with them. I decided I would order some more for my bathroom OMG what a big mistake! Ordered online and used the inch to cm conversion chart....44.5 inch width by 40 inch drop! The conversion didnt happen and I was sent 44.5cm by 40cm bearly big enough to cover a dolls house window! When I called them up I could not believe how I was treated the two ladies I spoke to if you could call them that where so rude I was amazed. Point blank refused that it could be an error on there part at all even though I explained I had not two weeks earlier done the same and those blinds where fine! In the end offered me very reluctantly 25% discount if I ordered the correct size but no way would I get a refund of my 45.00. I was forced to order another set by this which cost almost 80.00 only for them to send them and these ones be too long...these of course couldn't be change by ourselves as they had tapes with them. When I called up to complain I was told to take a photo and prove they where too big why I would be ringing if they weren't I have no idea. I asked for compensation for their error as they had had 75% of my money for the first set they claimed was my error and again was told we won't be compensating you. Just seems a little one sided where this company is concerned and if I was you I would avoid it at all costs!!!!!!! They always right and the customer always wrong think they make have this the wrong way round to succeed in this world!

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