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Not the best of starts in trying to keep customers

Firstly I can understand why the website went down during the time I was trying to place an order.

Secondly when I asked about the quality of the disks that they were supplying they just told me to try them out.

Thirdly when I received my parcel its was not exactly secure as it was open. I don't know if that was caused by the courier or done during packing.

04 February 2013

Reply from 3000rpm

Hi Mr Hufford,

The website was down last tuesday down to a corrupt hard drive at the main server. This was the first time the website has been down in years and we issued a 10% discount code for 24 hours after it happened for customers who missed out that day.

As for the quality of the disks I am sure I spoke to you on the phone. I would not say any disk is better or worse than any others, years ago you got good and bad disks but the market has matured now to a point of where nearly all disks are identical and this is reflected in the close price. Customers report one disks is the best, where another will report the other customers worse disk as the best so its down to personal preference. We get very very few returns on disks and the majority if they do come back work perfectly find in our burners when we test them.

As for your parcel very sorry about this, if you can email me pictures if possible, when you mean not secure was the contents all fine when you got them?

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