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Hi from Jack the old yellow lab. I have "issues" and it's hard for me to describe them but I express myself by licking just about anything I can reach. My vet says I'm weird. I must be, because I am now immune to any anti itch remedies on the market. One day, I was given some grain free food and guess what? I don't have the insatiable urge to lick myself as much. Funny enough, the fur on my paws is growing back! I prefer Nature's Recipe Chicken, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin but occasionally I get the fish flavor. Who knew?? Now when I hear the mailman bring my food, I have reason to bark because the box is for me! It's better when someone brings it to my house because I don't always behave in the pet store. I "tink" every 6 inches...another thing I can't control. After all, I own the store, don't I?
My lab mutt mix girlfriend eats anything but she loves my new food, too.
Jack and Trixie

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