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I really don't get all this fuss! WIX is TOP NOTCH!

I am a sales person by trade and, even when selling high-tech products, I always needed an engineer to accompany me on calls. So, the idea that I, of all people, could build a website on my own and make it special was ludicrous at best. But, when I came across WIX, I wanted to try and try I did. Within days, I had what people say is one of the best websites they have ever visited! Check it out: It has music, fabulous images, connection to Pay Pal and blogging features. Throughout all this, WIX answered every call I have ever placed within minutes, guided me through anything and everything and, if we ran out of time (I think they can only be with anyone customer for about 20 minutes or so), they had me call back and begin afresh with another rep. I REALLY DON'T GET THE FUSS ABOUT WIX NOT delivering what people need. What more could they want? Has anyone ever tried to reach someone from WordPress or Joomla? Any luck? I tried and got nowhere. Plus, I am saving hundreds of dollars from having to pay a website developer from scratch. So what if they ask a small amount a year for a subscription? How else are they going to make money?
I wish that more people would show gratitude toward those who work hard to improve our lives, as I have found most WIX's employees to be.
Thank you WIX Team! You rock!


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21 March 2013

Reply from WIX

Thanks Lauretta!

Call us if you every need anymore help!

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