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Excellent Value

I chose the Bosch from ao.com’s top 5.
Fantastic machine with a low ao.com price plus £50 cash back from Bosch.
Good service with a time slot for delivery.
Best of all was the wealth of information about each machine on their site which is more than you would get in a store and made it easier to compare and choice the right machine.
Only down side was I kept getting update calls on my mobile which I missed because I don’t use it much and there is no signal where I live. It would have been much better if they had used my land line and left a message.
So don’t give them your mobile number unless you want to be updated by it.
Second time I have used ao.com and would do so again.

The Electronic Cigarette Company (UK) Ltd

Lack of warantee

I purchased an E Pipe at around £60 from Totally Wicked, TECC’s sister company and a TECC product.
The pipe failed inside a year but Totally Wicked (TECC) would do nothing about it!
I understand their 28 day warrantee for consumables but not relatively expensive equipment. In fact I would say it is illegal according to the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended).
Both TECC & Totally Wicked should get their act together and offer warrantees according to the law.


Good price with discount, excellent service

Always use PetMeds when they offer discounts.
Good products and viable alternative to vet's prices on basics e.g. worming, flea treatment etc.
If you have a problem with your pet, they offer excellent help & advice.


What a rip off

Complaining to the BBC about the poor value of the licence fee, sighting specific problems is a waste of time. They just defend everything they do. They have wasted £m on glorifying themselves, building a massive bureaucracy, and spending money on luxuries for their unbelievable number of senior staff.
The programme quality has rapidly decreased over recent years with everything, even Radio 4, being dumbed down.
As far as radio is concerned, we very rarely switch it on as we cannot stand the babbling nonsense that is broadcast on say BBC 2 & regional stations. Radio 4 is bereft of news after 09:00 (when we retired people are having breakfast), and is now full of the most obscure, often boring subject matter imaginable. We used to listen to Radio 2 and 4 all day.
As regards television, we do not watch any live television except the news. Even the BBC news is full of bunce and repeated sections. Better to watch Sky News, Euro News etc. By recording everything we intend to watch, we can cut out all of the bunce, BBC advertising & propaganda.
One of the justifications of paying a licence fee was that one did not have to put up with the constant advertising on commercial channels. Well now the BBC is constantly advertising itself with its own propaganda and advertising its own programmes. In addition to this the broadcasting time wasted on fillers ‘bunce’ instead of real programmes grows steadily.
I think the intention is to try and please the younger viewers / listeners with the self-interest of ensuring continued revenue from the forthcoming generations of tax payers.
Whilst once an advocate of the BBC and supporter of the licence fee as good value for money, my family are now advocates of scrapping the licence fee and the BBC as an unjustifiable & unfair tax imposed without choice on the British public.

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Excelent product, Excelent service

I purchased 'Diamond Grip' by ICEtrekkers, one small for my wife & one medium for me.
They are an excellent quality product, well worth the extra to cheaper alternatives.
Only problem was that the ‘medium’ sized to my shoe size was too small to fit my boots. I contacted Carl who immediately dispatched a larger size and noted the size advice on the web needed to state next size up for boots.
First class service.


Excellent Service, Fast Dilivery

I purchased this to add to my setup of an Eltax DVD Recorder and a Humax PVR on a Sony TV.
Having researched on Which & Amazon carefully, chose the DMR-EX83EB-K. Amazon customer reviews where more helpful as Which is usually out of date with the latest / currently available models.
NOTE don’t buy anything that may need service from Price Drop, the manufactures had gone into liquidation & Price Drop didn’t want to know when the machine went faulty.
I ordered the EX83 from Amazon using their ‘Super Saver’ delivery via ‘Home Delivery Network Limited’ (HDNL) 01/10/10 and was given a delivery date of 05/10/10.
The whole thing was a disaster; I tracked the parcel going back & forward between depots, made several telephone calls & could only talk to a real person at Amazon after delivery completely failed. Amazon ensures you can’t talk to anyone except as a last resort.
I purchased the Panasonic DMR-EX83EB-K from Multizone Audio Visual (multizoneav.com), talking to a real person (Heather) who was very knowable and gave lots of advice. It was slightly cheaper than Amazons new price & delivery was quick & efficient via City Link.

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