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Bedrageri / Fraud. Or not?

Infurn is based on one thing. Greed.

People who love the idea of purchasing copied stuff at discount prices have a tendency to accept absurd terms. This is what Infurn uses against you - your eagerness and dreams about the product will have you accepting absurdities you never thought you would (which is the basis of any type of fraud). Does it sound too good to be true, when you see their prices? That's how all frauds begin..

Stay away from this site and their products. You will never receive them, but they'll take your money first thing they've got!

You will lose your money, your patience and your health on these people.

UPDATE: It seems that Infurn have had a lot interest in my review in that they - after I wrote it - had the time to 1. write a response, 2. "kindly" ask me to reconsider my review and 3. after 10 months of waiting, finally deliver my product.

Now Trustpilot is also asking me to reconsider my review. Hence, I will have to comply otherwise the review will be deleted.

Well, here is my updated review:
FINALLY, after almost a year we get the product. And I have to say that the final result is ok. Still, it doesn't change my point of view. Infurn - no matter how you put it - demands money up front, takes ages to deliver and conveniently experiences issues with everything from delivery- to tracking systems, when they can't deliver on time. They are infamous for it and my guess is that they basically just wait for enough orders to come in before they will ship your goods (no matter how much they try to convince me that it is because their products are 'hand made').

So - my final verdict? Still one single star.

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30 October 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Kære Sune,
Tak for telefonsamtalen idag. Vi har forsøgt at kontakte dig flere gange, da det blev bekræftet at du modtog din ordre d.23.10.13.
For at følge op på telefonsamtalen i dag, var dette for at bekræfte med dig at du har modtaget din ordre. Dette er vi meget glade for, og vi beklager selvfølgelig den forsinkelse du blev udsat for før leveringen.

Customer Sales Advisor

Kære Sune,
Angående dit opslag, vil jeg for det første understrege at vi ikke er et firma som bedrager folk. Vi har mere end 300.000 meget glade og tilfredse kunder, som alle nyder godt af den gode kvalitet vores varer består af.

I dit opslag kommer du med påstande om os, som ikke er faktuelle.
Vores betingelser, står tydeligt på vores hjemmeside, denne accepterede du også da du placerede en ordre hos os.

Angående din egen ordre: Vi beklager hvis du har oplevet forsinkelser. Vi har været i kontakt med dig op til flere gange, senest i dag d.24.10.13, hvor vi har hjulpet dig angående leveringen af din order. Vi kan dog ikke ringe dig op, da det telefonnummer du har givet os, ikke eksisterer. Min kollega har som sagt haft kontakt med dig i dag, og bedt om et nyt telefonmummer så vi kan kontakte dig igen.

Customer Sales Advisor

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