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Waltons Garden Buildings


Where to start. The company gets one star for ease of ordering , apart from that this was a total disaster . Ordered the 10x 10 shed. It arrived on time. on inspection it did all look a bit flimsy but given the benefit of the doubt I began to put it together. It soon became apparent that there was no way this was going to be stable. I called in two local tradesmen(separate firms, to show me if i was doing anything wrong) ?The first company refused to touch it Saying that there was not enough support for a 10x10 shed and it would not survive one windy day . The other firm said it would need totally re-engineering from scratch to have any hope of surviving even one season . £600 in parts and labour later I now have what I would consider a shed. The money I spent with Waltons was totally wasted. The shed is not fit for purpose at all and if you buy this 10x10 shed for them you are as crazy as I am and are simply wasting your money. waltons gave as a promotion some wood preserver but this was not enough to cover the shed. when I asked them about this they said it was never intended to be enough. I was supplied 1 piece of 10 metre x 1metre felt which could never be enough to cover the roof and I had to purchase two other full rolls just to cover the shed. The roof panels supplied were too thin and had no bracing and in any event were cut incorrectly and had to be thrown away . the flooring was immediately thrown away as it was badly put together and in all truth too thin for anybody to make any practical use of. I did eventually get a response from waltons who told me I had bought a "budget" shed. I cant see anywhere on the shed I ordered the word budget....
with regards to the joist the response i got was
"The central joist has been designed to support the roof by fixing parts 23 and 28 to part 18 from your instructions. This should offer ample support and is completely fit for purpose however we accept that some customers may feel more comfortable fitting additional bracing. Unfortunately we cannot reimburse for any items which were not part of the original specification."
Dont believe a word of it there joist offers little to no support.
This is the first review I have ever felt the need to write. I am absolutely furious that this company can get away with selling Items that are sooooo poor. Overall this is a shame , good web presence , good response times ( prior to order) good delivery times ( rubbish product).STAY AWAY - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Barrington Sports

Great service all round

Did everything on -line and everything went smooth from start to finish. Everything arrived one day sooner than expected which was great service. Well done Barrington sports!!


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