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I made purchase on a Motherboard, CPU and RAM. Estimated delivery time 6-8days. After 10 days I received ONLY the CPU!! After contacting WAE+ they told me the other items were out of stock (this was never mentioned when making the purchase or at anytime while I was waiting!). I was offered the option to buy something else or get a refund. I opted for the refund.
I called them a couple days later after no refund was made and was told I'd get the money by the following Monday. Monday morning came, I phoned again, they said it's too early still might be in by midday. Midday came, still no money. Was then told will be another 7 working days! I called again a few days later, I was then told it'll be upto another 10days. A couple days later I called again and was then told 'we legally have upto 30days to refund you'..... now 22days past (32 days since the original order was placed) and over probably well over 13 phone calls to them now, STILL HAVE NO MONEY..?!! They have £160 of 'MY' money!!!
I'm am coming to the end of my tether with this company!!!
After the 30days have past I will be onto the authorities, you can be ashored of that!!
I also notice the reviews '5 STAR REVIEWS' have 'NO' faces to them...hmmm and the reviews that 'DO' have a face aren't saying good things about this company either! Think you can judge for yourself which reviews are authentic...!!
I will update you here when the 30days have past....

Update: Now have 2 days left to go to meet my 30days waiting time. Have just phoned them again today as 'still' no refund has been made, have just been told they are going to make me wait the 'FULL' 30 days and refund me on the '30TH day' very last day they can legally make me wait!!! I AM FURIOUS with this company!! Please take my WARNING, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!

Latest Update: 30days now past STILL no refund!!! I am now taking actions through Citizens Advise....

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