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Amazing prints, staff provided average service

Compared to other top notch printing places in the East this is really reasonably priced, with no compromise of quality. The prints are perfect, amazing work, including cutting. Great range of papers. The place itself is stunning and massive. Very clean minimalist design.
However the staff were a bit stand offish, not particularly super keen to help. First time I came in I didn't re-size my images precisely as per paper size. I would have expected in a swanky place like this for them to say, it's ok, this time around I'll do it for you (I mean it takes literally 5 seconds in Photoshop!?)
But the guy didn't, which is fair enough of course. I then ordered online. My friend went to collect the prints for me as I was working and they took basically whole day and gave it to her just before closing time. Wasted her time. She went there between 4 and 5 pm, but they weren't ready. And again, not super helpful - were not able to tell her estimate. I wouldn't call it exactly bad service, but just service that doesn't go beyond the OK standard. All in all worth it though I think price / product ration very good.

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