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useless company who avoid

Was having a phone delivered on there EXPRESS 24 hour service, collected on SAT 04/01/2013 for Monday delivery (Received an email from sender) watched movement online all Sunday, Monday came and no delivery.

Called the call center and asked why the delivery wasn't made. The only reply I got was it was scheduled for the following next day and I then reminded him it was EXPRESS 24 (Delivered in 24 hours, take away Sunday as it doesn't count so SAT - MON) and asked him again why it was not delivered. Completely oblivious to what was said he replied with the same answer followed by it was only collected yesterday (SUNDAY).

I told him that was incorrect as a got an email confirming dispatch from the sender but it might not of updated on the system till Sunday. Later on in the call the agent confirmed services don't run on a SUNDAY and didn't even realized what he said less than a minute before which was it got collected on SUNDAY.

Complete waste of time and money also there was more chance of getting common sense from your front door.

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