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shocking customer care atrocious delivery

I ordered a new tv from Very, not a place I would normally consider for such a purchase, but their Christmas Sale, new account discount and cash back made it about 200 less than everywhere else so thought it too good a deal to turn down. Also ordered 2 items for a birthday present while I was there.

The fun began when they delivered the 2 additional items but not to my house and they were unable to identify where. 2 days later the tv was due to be delivered only they didn't having confirmed several times that it would definitely be there. After several calls to the courier and very, I eventually get a £50 credit my account but still no tv. It did eventually turn up, but there was no communication and it was pot luck it arrived on a day when we were in.

Then to add insult to injury, the back light on the tv was faulty. I called and arranged for it to be replaced only for the collection and replacement to be on different days with the collection several days earlier. After further calls they changed this but didn't tell the courtier.

Then it gets worse, the same issue that happened with the original delivery happened on the replacement, they didn't deliver it on the day agreed with the courier, apparently they had paperwork but no appliance......

I am still waiting for the new tv, I am still waiting for the collection and I am still waiting for an apology for the second delivery mess.

I wouldn't use them again but think 99% of this is yodel, however as I explained to the Very Customer Exelence team, while delivering a very item, they are very!!!!

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