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They're nice, but not very efficient

So, I ordered dog food from Petflow, & asked to have it delivered to our house in Florida, because that's where we are til May. They charged my credit card, and 2 full weeks went by and no delivery. So, I looked on the website, and got the tracking number, and, of course, they delivered it to our house in New England (which is the billing address). SO, I sent them an email via their contact info explaining the problem, and they said they'd have FedEx to our house up north to pick up the package, and then send it to me here in Florida. Which seemed a little back-ass-wards, but, hey, it's their dime. And, of course, ANOTHER week goes by, and still no delivery. So, I called them AGAIN, explained it AGAIN, and guess what? They said, "Ok, we just called FedEx and they're going to go get your package and have it sent to you in Florida." Yeah, because that worked so well the FIRST time they tried it. By this point, there's no guarantee that my package is still AT my house in New England. At which point, they say they'll refund my money.

This is why I didn't ask for a recurring delivery, because God only knows when I'd get it! Good thing it's not the only thing my dog eats, or else he'd have starved by now!

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