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Mercedes Benz

My Last Mercedes - Ever!

I purchased a new C Class almost 3 years ago and it's been a major disappointment.

There was a good Mercedes finance offer on at the time whereby you could purchase a new C Class for £299 per month on low rate finance. At the end of 3 years you then have the option to purchase the car or give it back - I'll be giving it back!

A few thing Mercedes don't tell you is that they also try to sell you their 'Star Gard' paint treatment that supposedly protects the paintwork. This costs around £2,000 from Mercedes, but it's available in most garages for around £200. They also sell you GAP insurance at £499. These extras are added to the finance and make a big difference to the cost of the car. These are optional, but you are made to believe that it's all part of the package. Mine ended up costing around £490 a month, but I did add extras described below.

Now for the car itself. It's a beautiful looking car. I went for the C250 CDI in white, with black electric sunroof, AMG Sport styling and 18" wheels. It really catches people's eyes, but again those extras added a lot to the price of the car.

The engine is good, with around 205 BHP it pulls strongly and gives good economy. Carefully driven I can get around 48 mpg and normal driving around 40 - 43 mpg. Handling is good, but with the lower suspension on the Sport model, the ride is a little harsh and you do feel all the bumps in the road. The low profile ContiSport tyres have been a major problem on the car. I have replaced at least 8 tyres due to sidewall bubbles and/or sidewall punctures and they are expensive tyres! There are loads of complaints online about these tyres and I now drive with my eyes permanently on the lookout for pot holes as hitting even a small one can cost you a new tyre.

Build quality can be summed up in one word - terrible! I really didn't expect this from Mercedes. The sunroof rattles constantly. I also have an intermittent rattle from the dashboard. The rain sensing wipers are useless and I have to continually switch the wipers on and off manually when it's raining. It's really embarrassing to stop at traffic lights when there's hardly any rain and your wipers are going flat out on their fastest speed screeching across the dry windscreen, and really dangerous when they are on slow intermittent when it's lashing down with rain on the motorway! When I had the car serviced at Mercedes, they said they couldn't hear a rattle from the sunroof and the wipers were working fine because the computer says there's no fault! Strangely enough, on the next service they told me there was a Mercedes 'advisory' about the sunroof problem which could be solved by adding grease to the runners - guess what - it still rattles.
The mechanic admitted when he sprayed water on the windscreen, the wipers came on at their fastest speed and stayed on that speed continuously, even when he stopped spraying and the windscreen was dry. So, they changed some parts and said the wipers were fixed - guess what - they still don't work correctly.

The car has been in 3 times for these faults and they still exist. I haven't got the time to take it back any more.

The laquer is peeling of the front white plastic spoiler. For this I had to take the car to the Franchise bodyshop (which happens to be VW not Mercedes), a 40 mile round trip, so they could try to prove it was something I'd done and not a paintwork fault. They couldn't - they admitted it was a 'adhesion' flaw in the paintwork and I can get it repaired under warranty. So, I have to book the car in yet again and be without it for several days.

The wheel nuts rusted to an ugly brown colour within a few weeks of owning the car from brand new. Everyone who saw the car commented on the rusty wheel nuts. Mercedes said I must be using an alloy wheel cleaner which has damaged the nuts. I told them I was using the wheel cleaner which was provided with the Star Gard treatment I was sold by Mercedes! They replaced the nuts and the new ones rusted also. Strangely enough, most of the 'new' cars in the Mercedes outdoor showroom also had rusty wheel nuts.

The headlights are just about powerful enough to shine about 2 metres past the end of the bonnet. They are so bad in unlit country roads that they should be classed as dangerous and I have to drive with the front fog lamps on to ensure I don't drive off the edge of the road. I notice on the latest C Class, they've gone back to normal style headlamps rather than the projector type on my car.

It's also a pretty low spec car for the price. It has parking sensors and (partial) electrically adjustable seats, but the MP3 connectivity is via a headphone jack type cable (which is not provided) that plugs in to a little hole inside the glove box. This is essentially useless as you have to put your phone/MP3 inside the glovebox and close the door and can't change tracks in any way.

In short, I love the looks and the performance is good, but there are far too many niggly faults which just shouldn't be on a car that cost almost £35,000 in total. There are far better cars available for half this price.

Inner Wolf

They will Take your Money and NOT Deliver!

First time I have used this company and I wish I had read some reviews first.
I placed an order for two dog beds, received no further communication concerning my order and they did not arrive. I telephoned them, to be told the beds were out of stock and would not be back in stock for around 7 weeks!
I needed the beds urgently so asked for a refund, only to be told 'you won't get these beds anywhere else'. I said I still wanted a refund as I had to purchase elsewhere and was told 'well, I can't promise that'.
Their attitude stinks and I have now had to take the time to follow the dispute process with my card issuer in order to get a refund for goods I have not received.
Steer clear - you have been warned!

11 May 2013

Reply from Inner Wolf

We apologise for this. We informed the customer that this was a general supply issue from the importer and the refund was issued. The statement regarding the refund is incorrect. The customer asked if the refund would be issued the same day and we stated that we would do our best to ensure it would. Unfortunately we were not able to and it was issed the following day.

Bluepark eCommerce

What a Refreshing Change!

It's a big decision to make when choosing a shopping cart for your business, so I was a little nervous changing from Interspire to Bluepark as I wanted to be sure I was making the right decision.
Thankfully it was.
After the non existent customer service of Interspire it was a refreshing change to find a company that promptly answered my queries before and after taking out a shopping cart subscription.
The software itself is user friendly and allows you to customise your website almost without limit, which was a big plus for me, especially after using Interspire.
There's also an active forum where you actually get your questions answered should you have any problems - another refreshing change!
I'm very pleased I made the change to Bluepark and would highly recommend it to anyone considering a shopping cart for their business.

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