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Had my PC 3 years and it still plays everything out now, it has been left turned on since I bought it...3 years ago!!! Amazing.


Useless Bunch Of People

- Staff have no idea about computers, me enquiring ended up in me teaching them something....idiots.

- A member of staff had no idea what a DVI cable was....oh dear..

- Prices are horrendous...I can't see them lasting long

- KNOWHOW? KNOWNOTHING....I had to take the phone from the women at tech desk and explain 5 times what my laptop fault was...only for the tech to say.....oh why didnt you say...... WOOOSHH

- Treat you like a thief when you want a refund

- Have no idea what stock they have in, and one occasion one salesperson didn't know how to check!!

- KNOWHOW sent back Laptop with same fault, not even been looked at.

Will never use them again or Curries.......I think they will be out of business soon.... My last visit I managed to log into 2 Laptops, and I went onto youtube, and played the Watchdog article from BBC, turned up full and walked out

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