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I ordered an item (cpu) and paid for it, because it was advertised as in stock and at a good price. Eventually I received an email saying it was out of stock.
Trying to get into the website to follow the progress of my order is a hit and miss affair, and when you are in there is an annoying drop down that covers half the page if your mouse pauses any where near it. I received 3 or 4 automated emails not very informative at that, these gave me a web address to use to enter the site and find out what was happening with my order, on arrival at the site I was asked to put in my password I did this but it would not accept it. I phoned the support desk and got an automated response, after a 5 minute waite I got some one to talk to about my order. I was told that that the item was out of stock, I mentioned that on the same page was the same product identical in every way except for the packageing and £5 dearer this was in stock I asked for this to be sent and that I would expect to pay the same price as my original order. I was told that this was not possible as it was slightly different. I settled for a refund, I am waiting now to see if it is repaid as fast as it was with drawn from my bank account.
WAE+ Advertises that their prices are cheaper than Amazon, this may be the case if the Item is available to buy. But they cannot match Amazone for service and support.
If I had read the reviews first I would never have placed an order with WAE+

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