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Ticketmaster - don't use them

My daughters purchased tickets for an event using my card a year before the event was due. I paid extra for secure delivery. The tickets never arrived. You can't advise Ticketmaster of this until 5 DAYS before the event - this is a joke. They had my money for over a year yet we couldn't tell them tickets hadnt arrived until 5 DAYS before the event. Anyway, when we did contact them they said that the tickets would be duplicated and waiting at O2. But the cardholder had to be present! Well, that's fine if if the cardholder is going to the event; however the tickets were bought for my EX HUSBAND AND HIS PARTNER courtesy of my children as a Christmas present. Oh, did I forget to mention, my old card number was no longer valid and it had changed due to fraud. I explained this to Ticketmaster the DAY BEFORE THE EVENT. It took me ages to get through on their premium rate number and all the promises to call me back were NOT FULFILLED. Eventually, at lunchtime on Saturday, the day of the event, they said that they had managed to transfer the payment to my ex husband's card so that he could (hopefully) pick the tickets up 2 hours before the doors opened at the O2. (By the way, I've left out the numerous conversations inbetween which led to much stress and inconvenience - I actually had a nosebleed whilst in the call queue on the Saturday morning). Thank goodness! My ex and his partner attend the O2 and actually get the tickets at long last. Due to the stress, inconvenience and money lost to both myself and my ex, I decide to take my complaint to Ticketmaster. What a joke. I wasnt allowed to lodge it by phone, oh no I had to put it in an email. And guess what - every time you want to follow up your complaint you have to submit a brand new "question" via Ticketmaster's website. After much frustration and no response (apparently there's no timescales for responding to a complaint) I contacted STAR, their supposed "governing body". You would think it was similar to the FSA with banks. Oh no no no. STAR are obviously biaised towards their "ticketing agents" and have advised that my issue is with the provider of the ticket delivery service. Apparently, Ticketmaster are not in breach of their contract as they provided me with entrance to the event!! Even though the tickets never arrived and I had to spend 2 days constantly trying to call and sort the situation out. I dont believe this. I believe that Ticketmaster has the contract with a provider to deliver, i.e. DX Secure (they told me it was Royal Mail for a month they changed their tune). At the point of writing, I am still waiting for STAR (Ticketmaster won't correspond with me anymore) to provide the tracking reference and supposed date of attempted delivery (apparently it was signed for??!) by DX Secure so I can continue my complaint with them. As I pointed out to STAR (they chose not to respond), my complaint doesnt remain at just the fact that the tickets were not received by secure delivery, my complaint is the lack of customer service, extensive cost of contact and obstructive behaviour towards raising a complaint.

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