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Although sometimes they like blocking my card.Can't fault them cos is sucurity issue when system sees unusual transaction on your account,like one day i've withdrawed a large amount of cash and next day i couldn't pay by my card as it was blocked,apart of a bit of stress its all good,never have problem with customer suport or dealing with my local branch its all good.It my couse you a bit of a headache as when you travel abroad and finding yourself in a position where you cant use you card cos bank decided to block temporary your foreign transactions.Keep it up a good work. Well done Lloyds so far.


low (cost) service

Ryanair please explain why im using my computer,my internet,my electricity,my printer,paper,cards and you still dare to charge my for it???I guess that flight atendants being trained to keep you awake during a flight,constanly anouncing something over the speakers trying to sell something and prodding you whilst walking thru the cabin.Over priced food taste worst than cardboard but leaflit says its freshly made and cost only £...Cos of the fact that they are cheap airlines you always will have to walk to the furthest gates where are aircraft docks are the cheapest.When finally you arrive to you gate there will be waiting for you couple of ryanair employees checking your hand luggage whether is not to big,cos if it is that will cost you extra for your travel.Overall very unpleasant experience.


waste of time

I've been Virgin customer for about 18 months now,and have to say that this provider isnt to good especialy with customer service.I have tv+broadband(20mb/s) bundle which price already incrased twice during my contract.TV and tivo box working alright so far but have issues with broadband which slows down during a peak times to the stage that is impossible to watch anything online,you can surf web pages easly but any video even shorttest ones buffering for ages.
Recently tryed to ubgrade my internet to 60mbs for £5 a/m for existing customers but then found out that there is an installation charge of £49.99.So i called them to find out that this charge apply to me too.After spending long time on the phone being put thru all that "press 1..2..3" and so on i finaly get hold of customer advisor which asked me exactly the same questions all over again.I was so furious that i ended up shoutting at him and put my phone down.I dont like Virgin and seriously considering of leaving at the end of this contract.Strongly advice you to consider other providers cos you'll never now what Virgin gonna come up with next day.To update my review i'll say that virgin rise my package price once again it is third time within 18 months.Virgin you just help me to make my mind about my contract with you!!!

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