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Virgin Atlantic

Inflexible, uncompassionate and irationale

I will attach a copy of the letters/emails I have written to Virgin about our two pre-book premium economy tickets & how they want to sell on one of our reserved seats rather then changing the name on our ticket so I could fly with my partner.,
Virgin would not even allow us to purchase a new 3rd economy ticket at £630 to enable us to sit together in Premium economy in the seat that my partner has already paid for. This is customer exploitation.



Dear Mr Tucknott,

I hope you are keeping well and that matters are going to plan.

Following my phone call to Lauren Williams earlier today. I urgently need your help on a matter which appears to be an absolute shambles and a very unreasonable policy.

My partner Mrs Karen Farquhar has booked 2 return airline tickets last September to fly to St Lucia with a friend. Unfortunately her friend can no longer take the time off due to unforeseen business matters, so she has asked for the ticket to be transferred into my name. Apparently Virgin say they are not allowed to do this due to some airline legislation ?, although I have looked into this matter and other airlines such as BA and formerly BMI, will make a name change for a fee and so will a Travel Agent if your flight was booked as part of a package holiday.

There does not appear to be any consistency with this policy. . We stand to loose £830 plus the cost of a replacement air line ticket, which will now be more expensive, to enable me to travel with my partner. Surely this cannot be right, Virgin are taking advantage of us as they will sell a new ticket to me and also sell the pre-paid ticket from last September to another customer thereby selling an additional fare that does not exist...?

You will see from your records that both I Mark Petersen & Karen Farquhar are frequent flyers to St Lucia where we have a holiday home. We have always flown with Virgin and wish to continue to do so.

We would like to change the ticket name of Clive Moore to My name Mark Petersen. My passport number is 540382099. I am also prepared to take my passport along with a letter from Clive Moore, if necessary, to a Virgin Office or Flight shop to confirm & validate this request.

Please would you be good enough to have someone look into this matter as we are due to fly on Tuesday 26th February 2013

Yours Sincerely

Mark Petersen

Tel 07801 236174


Mark Petersen

Tel 07801 236174

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