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So this is my second review on this company who just don't seem to care.
So in my first review i put "It's been 3days and i still dont have my buggy its a joke today all I keep on getting is a auotmated service this is no help why can I not talk to a real person.
When I did speak with some one yesterday I told them there has been a death in the family and things need to be sorted, I can not sit around all day.
1st time they tried to deliever they said the driver got lost and could not get hold of him second time they said they would come between 8am and 12pm I sat waiting till 1.30pm before having to go to the funeral palour and I come home to a card with no time on.
It's already a hard time dealing with a death let alone pregnant wait for my baby's buggey that aint cheap I'm just close to tears it should not be this hard to deliver some thing that should of come from the 1/2/13. "
Got a reply asking me to email them and some one will get intouch I did email 3 times no one got back to me, then I was promised it will be today between 11-12pm the driver turns up sees that my lift is broke and then calls me to let me know he is goin off as he is busy and can not delver not even finding out what floor I live on and he has no time to go back as he has other places to go he called at 11.21 how van he not come back if MY slot is 11-12pm.
I told him how long I've been waiting and that there has been a death that I'm trying to deal with and I cant wait again tomorrow, I even went as far as to saying I can change the addresse to somewhere that is less then %min away that don't have a lift if he finds that a problem, all I got was call my company and make a complaint I have I've been complaing since Monday and it has got me no where and no closer to getting my item I paid for that is legally mine yet I feel it's being held to ransom now as I go on the website tracking detail they have a cheeck to put "The parcel was refused by the recipient and returned to the sender," how was it refused you never gave me a chance to get it, the guy had me in tears as i'm stressed waiting for my baby's buggy a funeral clearing a house will I ever get my item :-(

07 February 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Update: Hi Natalie, unfortunately we haven't received any of the emails that you have sent to us. My colleague Andy says that you have contacted us on Facebook - he is about to attend to your personal message on there now. Kind regards, Bobby.


Hi Natalie,

I'm really sorry to hear about all this. :(

I really want to help resolve this for you. Can you please email with your parcel reference number and phone number, and I'll make sure a member of our customer services team contacts you to resolve.

Kind regards,


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