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TechMonkeys Ltd

Committed to customer service.

I write to thank you for the recent advice you gave me regarding backing up my clients artwork files in the cloud. A task which I have been dreading for some time.

At Sun Jones, we pride ourselves on offering quality products and excellent customer service. It’s therefore incredibly important that the suppliers we choose share the same ethos.

Not only did you take the time to fully explain the options available to me, but you went out of your way to stop me purchasing Office 365 from you and instead directed me to a solution that was best for my business, even if it meant you losing out on a sale.

It’s your commitment to customer satisfaction and expert knowledge of your industry that will see TechMonkeys grow from strength to strength and I will do my utmost to refer clients, colleagues, friends and family to you for all their IT requirements.

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14 May 2013

Reply from TechMonkeys Ltd

David, it always has to be the right solution for the right problem. It doesn't matter to us if there's money in it or not. We wouldn't be in business long if we sold products, just because we made good margin on them,

As you know we loved meeting you and seeing what it is you do and how well you do it. I think we know where to come for our next re-brand :)


Situation resolved.


Success! I can confirm that the issues I have had with Regus have now been resolved, thanks to their dedicated customer service team at Surrey.

For the way that their customer service team handled the situation, I have altered the rating from being a one star to a three star review.

Unfortunately, due to the experience I have had, I won't be retracting my original review as I think people should still be aware of the potential issues they can come across when dealing with Regus.


- HIDDEN CHARGES. At no point did the salesman, Edward discuss the additional services mentioned in the terms and conditions. He discussed rent rates, telephone and internet rates so why not point out the other charges as well. I get the impression that they play a game of "who can we catch out" with prospective customers. Their abuse of trust is morally and ethically disgusting and I hope they are investigated for their deception. You only have to type "Regus" and "complaints" in Google to see that I am not the only one affected by this.

- EXTREMELY POOR RECEPTION, CALL ANSWERING AND MAIL SERVICE. On numerous occasions, I had calls to my mobile from clients and prospective clients saying that I hadn't returned their call. Why? Because I never got the message, that's why! I even spoke with the receptionist, Christine, about whether anyone had come into the building asking for my company to which she replied "yes, someone called Richard was asking for you but I told him you weren't here so he left". This was a prospective customer who I have since never heard from and presumably he has chosen to use a different company. There was no attempt made to take his details so I couldn't follow up on his visit. I will be looking into the "SUPPLY OF SERVICES AND GOODS ACT 1982" to establish whether Regus are in breach of contract by not carrying out their duties adequately. AS A DIRECT RESULT OF CHOOSING REGUS, I HAVE LOST BUSINESS.

- POOR OFFICE CONDITIONS. My office was centrally located in the building so I had no windows to help cool down. Even in the winter months, I had to leave my door open to ensure a steady supply of fresh air. And just 2 months before my contract was due to end, I found out that a business opposite mine (in a similar sized office) had air conditioning controls! Why do some have it and not others?

- DAMAGED REPUTATION. I referred a client (and a good friend) to Regus for a short term office (this was before I was fully aware of how Regus operate). AT NO POINT DID REGUS HEAD OFFICE OR CENTRE MANAGEMENT ACKNOWLEDGE THE REFERRAL. He only had the office for 3 months but since leaving, he has had numerous issues with Regus (major accounting errors, false charges etc.) and is now on poor terms with me as a result of the recommendation. This particular client has quite a high spend with me and I may lose a considerable amount of business as a result of this. DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO REGUS.

- SECURITY. The lights in the office are automatic - they only turn on when someone is in the room and stay on for about 15 - 30 minutes after leaving. A few times on arriving at the office, I noticed that the lights were already on before entering (and sometimes late at night when I decided to pop in to do a bit of work out of hours) so I questioned the center manager, Sharon, about this. She told me that the cleaning staff had key access to all the offices to ensure they could carry out their duties even when the offices are locked. This was very concerning to me as I use a lot of expensive equipment, software and also stored confidential documents in the office. Fortunately I never had to report a theft but my office was at the mercy of their security practices - a scary thought when they aren't even able to take messages for me!

In conclusion, Regus are a cowboy outfit. They rely on their global brand to create the impression of trust and use deceptive and misleading sales tactics to lure you into a false sense of security.

05 February 2013

Reply from Regus

Dear Sun, we're disappointed to hear that you've been unhappy with the services provided. In order to address your concerns, could I please ask you to email our dedicated Customer Services Team at with your company details and the centre in which you were located. They will contact you as a priority to discuss this further. Thank you.

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