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Absolute joke of a company!

What can I say that hasn't been said already.

This weekend I visited the store to sell my PS3, Wii & roughly 45 games. I told the lady at the counter that the PS3 had been upgraded from the stock 49gb hard drive to a 250gb hard drive.

The lady seemed confused by this & consulted her manager, the lady the came back and informed me that she could not take the PS3 as it had been illegally modified (the hard disk upgrade procedure is written in the manual). She then informed me that she couldn't take the Wii either as they wouldn't be able to tell if that too had been illegally "tampered" with.

Although this infuriated me I did trade my games & bought a 2nd hand Wii U (without game), the lady checked the contents of the box when I asked her & confirmed that the box contained all of its items

When I got the system home I found that it was a brand new system, but it was lacking the pro controller (which the lady said was in the box)

I visited the store the next day and asked about this and I was told that they buy new systems in, remove the controller & game & then sell it separately.

I asked them why I wasn't informed of this at time of purchase as in my eyes an integral part of the system is missing. The manager said he was happy for me to return it; however, he would only give me store credit . This meant that I could either buy another Wii U from their store (minus the game & controller) or I could buy something else from the store. This means that I cannot use my money to purchase a Wii U from anywhere else

I am currently going though the complaints procedure and I am emailing them daily asking for an update... Hopefully I'll get a response soon

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