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Awful: already 3 months without broadband (and still not been given a date)

need to share as this is the only way I can inform others how terrible is Virgin media.
to summarize:
Got in a 1 year contract. First 2-3 months had broadband without any problem then got a fault. Since I got the fault, they have left me nearly 3 MONTHS (no joke) without internet (while keeping on charging me). Untill today (6th of JAnuary) I have still have no internet (3 monthd been obliged to use a dongle. I am using a dongle to write this review) and not even a precise date of when they will be fixing it. Hours of calls, every person giving a different wrong information including managers and yes not one who can tell me when I am going to have internet back. Just empy promises and some member of the staff even complained i am calling everyday, who wouldnt after 3 months of no internet???). They even refuse to let me exit the contrat until 2 weeks ago.
If you try to make a complain they ask you do to it via the website (I coudnt find any section where to do that).
Whoever is considering to swicth to virgin, please be aware if what's happening to me. If i decide to switch to another company I will not go back to virgin for at least 5 years until i make sure they

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