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Untrustworthy, rude, incompetant

I would not recommend buying from a company who is using YODEL for its deliveries. Odds are they will not deliver. Our first experience with YODEL, they failed to deliver a package 3 times, and in the end it was returned to the seller. The customer service staff were unpleasant and unhelpful.

Our second experience with YODEL was an odd one. They had delivered a package to our neighbours (as per the original instructions on our order for if we weren't in). The package which had been delivered was not for us, nor anyone within our postcode. We rang the number on the card to inform YODEL of their mistake, and was told we needed to ring the customer complaints line. Given all the reviews for 1* on this site it was not a surprise to find the complaints line very busy, and after 40mins on hold I gave up - this was not even my package. I rang the deliveries number again and explained the problem to YODEL. Again I was told to ring the complaints number, I explained I had but after 40mins on hold was not prepared to waist any more time for something that had nothing to do with me. I suggested that as I had now passed on all the relevant information to YODEL that the women I was speaking to should ring the complaints number and pass on the details I had given to her. She became very aggressive and shouted that she did not have the time to! Touche.

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