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Royal Mail

Majorly disappointed

I bought some on the 31st January that was released on 12th February and I was told I will get it delivered on the day it's released.
But literally the postman came to my street and dropped stuff off at 3 houses and left.
So basically the Royal Mail don't pay attention as on the pack the company put NOT TO BE DELIVERED TILL 12-2-2013.
Never had problems with Royal Mail before do abit disappointed


Maplins is a joke

The worst shop I ever been to, I paid 150 for a hauppauge system and for that price I expect it to work, and does it work, the hell it does, so I try and take it back to get if refunded and there basically saying the need to send it off which will take about 2 weeks. Nothing takes to weeks and even though it clearly states on the receipt you have 28 days to return it baring in mind I bought it on the 30th so I hadn't had it. A week.
The shop is a rip off, the fact they take 150, then say I have to wait to hear 2 weeks to hear if I. Can have my money back.
Morons the entire company.
My girlfriend works in Argos and she told me if anything of there's is faulty they will refund it straight away no questions asked.
Never using this crappy shop again.

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