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I made my booking on January 16th for £305.44. Later in the evening I noticed my account was empty and I was left embarrassed at the supermarket unable to pay.

I went to my bank the next day and they informed me that there had been 8 charges requested by Air Maroc. £164.76 and £140.26, £82.07, £69.82, £82.07, £69.82, £82.07 and £82.07. The first two are correct, the second two were paid and are incorrect, the remaining 4 were declined by my bank I was left with £1.81 in my bank.

I called expedia (30 minutes on the phone) and the agent on the phone asked me to contact Air Maroc who charged me. Air Maroc told me to email them. I received a reply saying "Further to your request, we would like you to adress your inquiry to expedia with which you booked your flight."

I call Expedia, another (30 minutes on the phone) and was informed I should submit an email with a bank statement to prove the charges. I sent the email summarising the problem again.

I called Expedia, another (30 minutes on the phone) and was asked to email the attachment again and then was told there has been a ticketing error and I had been charged twice but that there should have been an automated refund. The agent Iman on the phone said he would call me back in 10 minutes. He never called me back.

I am yet to be paid the £151.89 I am owed for the over charge. I am incredibly upset about this.



I first noticed the cheap prices on the sports direct website and thought great but as a cautious person I wanted to see if there were any reviews on google. Clearly as with here the review were extremely negative so I cut down my order to £20 and bought it on my credit card to make sure I had protection. I really wanted a set of tshirts that were no longer stocked anywhere else so I bought it. It arrived the next day! I was so impressed I put in another order for £40. That arrived the next day. Impressive.

My conclusion
- I ordered to work so I had no problems with delivery
- my order only contained tshirts and ski socks which is why the delivery company may not have stolen it
- my last order had a small rip in the back. Did they take a peek inside and realise there was nothing of value!

Very dodgy company but I came out ok. Impresssed actualy

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