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E2Save can't upgrade you to EE 4g although they may give you that impression

Was due for a upgrade on my orange contract, having upgraded through them in the past (although at the time believed it was directly through Carphonewarehouse not a sister company as they call it) which went ok, but this time I was called by them (actually a representative calling from a mobile) asking if i wanted to upgrade, I was interested in moving to the EE 4g network, discussed phone choices started with the iphone 5 as supports 4g then swapped to samsung s3 as the lte version also supports 4g, also discussed data limits on new tarif and was even ok with the low data allowance that EE offer for the price, basically being an annoying customer that wanted a 4g phone!!

Was put through to the E2Save office to confirm delivery and listen to the contract, mentioned again about the EE tarifs asking about the data allowances and hearing that some new tarif may be coming out and could I get them later. At this point they mentioned orange panther and as I was with orange already thought this was due to the cross over to EE the description of the minutes, text and data allowance seemed like what I'd seen on the EE website.

I received the phone ok then waited for my number to be switched to the new micro sim the activation happened and waited to see the 4g pop up on my phone... nothing! travelled to work thinking that maybe i wasn't in the reception area as live on the outside of London. I kept a eye on the phone as I travelled into Central London and still nothing. Got to the office and checked the model number of the phone Samsung S3 i9300 checked if that was 4g compatible NO its NOT 3g max, should be the S3 i9305, simple mistake I'll just call Carphonewarehouse to fix - get put through to E2Save who tell me (eventually) that they do not do upgrades to EE 4g and will check the call records within 5 working days, to see if i asked for a 4g phone or not (Guess talking about EE 4g, 4g only phones and data plans wasn't clear enough).

So I now have to wait to see what they want to do about this, I guess as they can't offer what I want, a 4g phone on a 4g network they will be reluctant for me to cancel the upgrade contract and will say as i've used the phone blah blah... (had to as they've had orange/ee transfered my number to the mini sim)

Looks like I'll be stuck on a 24 month contract, I didn't expect to get - must remember in 2 years not to use them, although they may well be selling 4g by then but I'll probably asking for 5g phones.

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