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Great product and website BUT customer service is seriously lacking

I have been using RSH successfully, and without a hitch, for a long time but unfortunately this last week I have experienced a completely different side to the company. I had more than £30 credit on my account with an expiry date of 31st March 2013 which was showing very clearly. However, when I tried to use the voucher on this day, the system clearly showed the credit but wouldn't let me use it. I immediately emailed screen shots and phoned to confirm the problem. I was advised that nothing could be done until the email had been looked at. 3 days later I received an email advising that it would be looked at within 72 hours (by now 6 days later!) I was still trying to book my trip, but had to wait again. I contacted them again by various methods: emails (no reply), phone (won't help), Twitter (dismissed) and Facebook (we'll look into it but the computers won't go any faster!)
I called again yesterday to get a resolution so that I could book my trip, and was then advised, quite rudely, that Evouchers expire on the day that it says, but at 5.40am in the morning !!!!! It does not say anywhere on the website that this is the case as 31st March remains that date until 1st April (normally!) I was advised that a supervisor would be needed and was promised a call back by 5pm. Needless to say, a day later and still no return call.

I am shocked by this level of customer service during the week, as apparently it is OK for RSH to steal this money from me. Obviously I won't continue to use RSH if this is the service on offer.

Big shame.

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Unbelievably useless company

After signing up with FU in June 2012 (the name says it all really - should have realised) I still haven't received my FIRST bill even though it's now 8th March 2013. The excuse is that they're having a slight computer problem and the bills aren't being created (which is a lie). From month to month, nobody can give any idea when the "slight problem" will be sorted out, so whether this will be before or after my contract ends - who knows? I'm now nearly £1000 in credit as they "can't" generate a bill, yet still expect me to read the meters monthly. They will charge me £60 to end the contract early (the same one that they're not fulfilling).

I've tried a) phoning - which is a waste of anyone's life - b) emailing where you get an automated reply that someone will look into it (but doesn't) or c) tweeting where someone will then send you another fob-off email where you have to wait another month, to no avail. Month after month, the exact same result.

I've just been offered £20 shut-up fee but no promise of a resolution so refused and now contacting OFGEM. The customer service department is totally useless with nobody of any responsibility - they certainly don't deserve to be in a job and the Chairman needs a rocket up his backside as a wake up call. If MINUS 5 stars were available, they'd get that - it definitely shouldn't even be one star.

I so wish I knew about Trustpilot before signing up with this company - it's really not fair that they can be allowed to operate in such a shoddy manner and get away with it. BE WARNED - STAY AWAY FROM FIRST UTILITY - their attitude to customer service is F U !

UPDATE - Finally received my first bill last night so I have gone from nearly £1000 in credit yesterday to now owing them nearly £200 and within 12 hours of receiving this new balance (which I waited 10 months for) they phoned me to demand immediate payment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One can only imagine my reply, but needless to say it ended with a "no" !
She didn't even start off with an apology - beyond useless company to deal with. Can't wait for contract to end - yes you're most probably right - a likely scam.

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Quick, easy, very efficient service

Easy to compile property details - listed @ 9pm and got 1st viewing at 9.03am next morning, with plenty of other viewing requests soon following.
Very happy with service indeed and will definitely use again and recommend to others.

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