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Diet Chef

very impressed with diet chef- thanks for helping make me happy with my body

after previously trying and suceeding with other slimming companies loosing 2 and a half stone, i ended up at a bit of a stand still and couldnt loose any more weight, on realstic terms i needed to loose about 10lbs although i wanted to loose more. a friend told me about diet chef and i was reluctant to try it due to its price. i looked into diet chef and was put off by some of the reviews. eventually i decided to give it ago, diet chef reccomended the pay as you go monthly hamper as i didnt have a lot of weight left to loose, but i ordered the 4 month hamper as it was better value.

the food i ordered i was happy with, i particularly like the apple and cinneman porridge but my advice is to stay away from the co-co nib porridge, ergh.
the soups were really tasty too, i sickened myself of pea and ham and wouldnt advise that soup at all, all the others were lovely and although soup for lunch gets boring, the results were worth it.
i enjoyed all the meals i tried, except the beef goulash was un-eatable and i would not reccomend- the lasagne was deffinately my favourite.
snack wise- salt and vinegar pop corn is delicious

after one week on diet chef, the weight that i wanted to loose but could not loose was almost shifted to my delight, i had lost 7lbs and could tell the difference. i continued for 2 months (admittingly having weekends off the diet as i enjoy a few alcoholic beverages...vino on a weekend and a pizza on the way home- im only human) and lost almost 2 stone, and have never been happier with my figure, still in a healthy weight ranger on the BMI scale, but at the lower end of the scale rather than the higher end.

when christmas came, i dieted up until xmas eve then had 3 weeks off the diet over christmas eating all luxurious (un-healthy) food that i wanted to eat and really enjoyed it, i must admit i gained 4-5lbs over this time but i diid eat for about 4 people, as soon as i started back on the diet chef the extra ganied lbs have dropped straight back off and i have maintained since.

i have one month worth of hamper left but i am going to try to maintain for a bit just eating sensible, and save this hamper for a couple of months time...before my summer holidays.

in total ive lost 2 stone and have maitained, i am happy with the resluts and others around me even noticed. my mam signed up to diet chef and is also doing well although she is loosing weight quicker as she has more to loose.

i would deffinately reccomed diet chef

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