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Awesome quality, great service. Always use GoodPrint for my cards!


Always brilliant

Fantastic delivery, great products, amazing prices

Discount Supplements


Firstly, they are incapable of listing the ingredients of their own products properly (which, nearly 3 weeks after I notified them of this are still listed incorrectly).

Secondly, they'll fail to issue your refund, then continually lie that they have issued it when they haven't.

Thirdly, they'll lie to say that they cannot process a refund until the claim with PayPal is closed (which, btw, once a claim is closed it cannot be reopened again - also, what a load of nonsense, all they have to do is tell PayPal to refund).

Fortunately, I have all my conversations with this sham of a company recorded. Even more fortunately, my bank aren't all that impressed either and are happy to do a chargeback.

Discount Supplements will be receiving an invoice for a) the time spent dealing writing emails to you and PayPal, and the time spent on the phone b) the cost of the calls to PayPal and my Bank (oh the joys of the 0845 number), and c) for interest owed on this money.


Discount Supplements have replied saying I was given my refund after 6 working. This is absolute nonsense. My refund STILL has not been given by them - it has now been charged back by my bank. They are proving themselves to be liars time and time again.

This company is an absolute sham. Not only have they lied to me, but they are now lying here as well.

I am so glad I have all my communications recorded with this useless company. It'll go a long way towards helping me win my costs back from them in court.


Wow, I'm not sure if you're purposefully trying to deceive, or if you're just being given the wrong information.

The case is still open in PayPal because Discount Supplements have taken no action to get it resolved.

Your comments here vs my print offs of the PayPal screen shots are very much helping my case. Thank you.

Also love how you deleted my factual comment on your Facebook page and banned me. If you weren't so clearly in the wrong, you'd attempt to defend yourselves there instead of just sweeping it under the carpet.

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19 April 2013

Reply from www.discount-supplements.co.uk

I'm sorry that you are unhappy with the service you have received. Your order was placed at 18.09 on Bank Holiday Monday 1st April. It was despatched on 2md April and you advised us on Thursday 4th April that you were unhappy with the product. We gave you a Freepost address so you could return it to us at no cost to yourself and agreed to refund in full. On Saturday 6th April you sent us the proof of postage. The full refund was actually actioned 6 working days after that, which is outside the level of service we normally provide and I sincerely apologise for that.

Further to your recent comment I can only confirm that the refund has been made via the Paypal dispute which you opened and has been dealt with according to Paypal dispute procedure.


Doesn't get any better

Flavours amazing, quality amazing, service amazing.

A very small issue with order resolved within 30 minutes. Mistakes happen, it was dealt with perfectly. Couldn't ask for more.

Muscle Food - MuscleFood.com

Great service and quality

The meat I received is great quality and the service is spot on.

It only loses a star because most of the products I've received from them have to be used within 1 day of opening. That's absolutely fine if you've got the time to cook up a batch but can be inconvenient if you don't.

Addressing this would make them a perfect option. They're so close!

12 February 2013

Reply from MuscleFood.com

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your review, It's great to hear that you're happy with our service and meat. I'm sorry to hear that your order did have short used by dates, I'll feed this back to our Butchers as most of the products should have at least a 3 day used by date.

All the best,

Muscle Food


Time and time again these clowns mess up

Bag seals splitting, being sent products which were absolutely rancid (very much "off", rather than just a taste issue!), and impossible to get hold of. So many more companies out there with such better service. NEVER will I spend another penny with MyProtein or The Hut Group (MP's owners).

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