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Awful service, money hungry and they will harrass you to no end

I've had the unfortunate chance to use this service for one purchase through EBay. Turns out to be the costliest mistake of my life as a 15 dollar purchase turned into a 150 dollar ordeal. I didn't realize they would enact a 35 dollar monthly fee for every month. I just wanted to use it once and be done with. They do not make it very clear at all and I get a letter three months down the road charging me 103 dollars. Rediculous. And on top of that you get their calling service harrass you to no extent, calling in upwards of 10 times in 5 hours. If i were to pick up no one would be on the other end. All in All, it turns out to be one of the worst companies to deal with as all they care about is taking your money. DO NOT USE.

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