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Rip off no customer care they just take you to the cleaners and dont reply to complaints

I am going to try and be calm because these people have really really annoyed me they should be shut down.

I try and keep it short, They charge me over £1200 for the holiday which was mis sold and which i mean it wasnt like somthing minor it was everything from the pictures, the desciption, the rooms etc

Food was days old which just put some mayo to desguise it.
All inclusive drinks ran out everyday.
Rooms was a very poor maintained.
Power cables in pool with tape around not sure it was live or not.

I thought the holiday was stressfull but it was even worse with customer relations. I write a complaint they say it takes 28 days which is industry standards which they did not stick to those standards they sent me a message after phoning them 5 times and bombarding them with messages then they said they are sorry and its because its the end of season which ok fair enough i accepted that (now i think its a lie to keep me off them).
I waited another 2 months for a reply and they only replied because i complained on here if i didn't i wouldn't of heard from them. They sent me a reply offering me 20% of hotel cost plus £106 compensation which is unacceptable and offended me,
They said it will take 28 days to review it again and guess what its been 2 months and no reply, I phoned them on tuesday (indian call centre) and asked for a manager theysaid that they would get customer relations back to me and they didn't .I have phoned loads of times and asked for a manager but they are always busy (do not want to talk) and said they will call me they never but this time i said i am not going unless i talk to a manager and they put me through I was not aggressive to them i just told them nicely that the the service is very poor and how they should treat people with respect after all we do pay there wages.

Does it really take 5 months to sort out somthing that takes 28 days I am fed up of them messing me around and all the lies.

I dont want no apoligy I dont want compensation i just want my money back in full,
I am on the very edge to go to ABTA and trading standards I have given you so many chances and a lot of time to sort it in fact 4 months extra you have had.

If you would of delt this matter the way it should of I would of used this company again because i know things do happen i work in a simular industry which i do look after my customers so they refer you to other people.

so lowcost if you want to look into it my ref num is 6036725.

PS i want my money back and if i have to il make 100 facebook accounts to post on here because you do not reply by e mail i dont want to but i want money back.
I never complain about anything but the service i was provided start to finish is shocking.

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07 February 2013

Reply from Lowcostholidays

Good Evening,

Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in responses you have experienced so far.

I understand you have spoken with our customer relations team today who have hopefully resolved your initial complaint for you. I completely understand the frustration this has caused thus far but hopefully the issue has been resolved now.

Once again, please accept my sincere apologies but ff there is anything else we can assist you with then please do not hesitate to contact us at

Kind regards,


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