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Excellent Idea, But Unreliable Results

I've been using this for a few months now and think it's a great idea, but unfortunately in the place where I regularly shop, a large shopping mall, it doesn't work too well. It's often incredibly frustrating. I typically can't collect about half the check-in rewards available. And it appears completely random as to whether it'll work or not. I can be standing right outside or inside a store and it'll tell me it's 0.17 miles away! In other cases, I've actually had to go FURTHER from premises to collect a reward! Some shops just cannot be collected at all. With respect to one of those, I've reported it as a problem three times now, but there's no difference. It always tells me I'm not in the store. Try turning on Wi-Fi, which I don't like as it eats up battery power, no joy. The positives are the payments are very prompt usually, and one time I got a nice surprise receiving an additional payment of £7.99, which is a very good incentive! I'll definitely go on using it, but I really wish it worked better.

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