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Faulty bed - broke after 4 months during a COUGHING FIT!!!, Very think this is wear/tear and accident damage?!!!

Absolutely terrible experience. Have been with Very for years and not really had any major problems. I ordered a bed on BNPL in April 2012. The bed was delivered - but they neglected to include screws so these were posted out afterwards.

I finally put the bed together at the end of April - it has very flimsy plastic poles to hold up the base but I STUPIDLY assumed that the bed would have been tested and that these were fine.

September comes and I am unwell in bed. I have a MEGA coughing fit and then CRASH the bed breaks ... at 3am. I end up on the sofa.

I call up and ask for it to be returned and a new bed ordered. They refuse and say i should speak to the suppliers of the bed about this. I am given the wrong number 3 times. I eventually speak to the supplier who are confused as to why i am calling them because my contract is with Very ... i am confused too. The nice man on the phone says that he is lookig at a new base system for the Jackson double bed right now and he can post it out to me.... I Very STUPIDLY say no as i want a new bed because i do not trust this one not to break again .. the saga continues.... numerous calls, lies and promises later, Very force me have an "engineer" out. This "engineer" comes to my home with an IPad - I lift up the mattress to show him where the bed central post is snapped. He takes two pictures on his IPad. I comment that I have had to put books and bags under the bed to hold it up as it was unsafe. The "engineer" is gone within minutes - not having examined a thing.

I then get a letter from Very saying the "engineer" report says it was accidential damage and so they are not going to do anything at all... I am left with a broken bed that I have not even paid for.... Very have wiped their hands of it, Oh and I get the pleasure of paying £45 for the "engineer" too!!

More calls and and arguments later I email what I am told is a directors email box. I get no acknowledgement. I eventually get a sent a letter from the customer "excellence" team (I kid you not!) saying that the engineers says it was accidential damage because the post was probably knocked by the amount of items stored under my bed ... er... I put that stuff there to hold the bed up?!!! I had requested a copy of this report on 21st November and despite promises it NEVER arrived.... Very latest advice is that I need to pay for an "independent" bed specialist to do a report and if they says its a manufactoring fault they will pay for the report and sort these all out....

Oh and also I asked for the replacement part as originally offer ... suddenly they do not have replacement parts... they do not exist and its not possible... of course they cant answer why it was possible back in september ....

AVOID - they lie, lie and lie again ... the customer service is a joke and you get treated like rubbish.

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