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Westin Gourmet

Good ,tasty meat, delivered as ordered

Chicken was a bit small-fed 3 but would have been stingy for 4. Veal steaks were delicious. Meatballs were different from last time (just as well because the last lot were a bit gritty!). Sausages very tasty and nice to have different varieties. Duck breasts look nice and substantial as do the Gammon Steaks. Mince and pork chops in the freezer for later. One very good thing was that most of the dates were quite long so we weren't forced to eat everything very quickly or have to freeze it instantly. Overall a good selection of different meats which makes you think about different recipes rather than do the same old stuff again. The deal was very good and I would definitely buy again but probably only when there are deals.

26 February 2013

Reply from Westing Gourmet

Hi Heather,

Thanks for your review, I'm loving that the pack has given you a nice variety of meats and that you've been able to try out different recipes. We're looking forward to your next order.

All the best,

Westin Gourmet


Wowcher gives cheap deals to cheap places!

Sorry but I have to damn with mild praise. The deals are good but by and large the places that offer them are not particularly classy and are very middle of the road. The last Indian meal that we had was through Wowcher and we all ended up with food poisoning. The Thai restaurant that we went to on the offer had very average food and appalling service. Wish I could be more enthusiastic but as a user of other suppliers too I know they have a better offering.
The Massage and Facial that I paid for could only be booked on the website but for weeks it was down so you could not do anything. I emailed Wowcher a fortnight before it came to an end and heard nothing for ages then checked the site again and (surprise surprise ) it was up again but with no availablility. Finally the supplier agreed to extend the validity (after I had requested a refund through Wowcher...I go tomorrow we will see.
Also I have to say that your standard response to critical reviews on here is pathetic. Given that the customer felt strongly enough to complain the least you should do is put some thought in to the response to make readers feel that you DO care.

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