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Westin Gourmet

Lovely Meat - just a few problems

Had three orders now from Westin. All great meat but each has had at least one problem
1) First order was meant to be delivered on a friday. Come 6pm they gave me a ring and said it would be a bit late. Come 7pm I ring them back and their office was closed. No meat for the entire weekend! They did resend me a new package the next week and all the meat was lovely.
2) Christmas order. Absolutely gorgeous meat and they even threw in a free chicken because of my problems with the first order. Just a shame that the free chocolates that came in the box had split open and were absolutely everywhere!
3) Big order (two boxes worth) - put most of the meat in the freezer straightaway but some in my fridge. Unfortunately when I went to use 2 packs of the steak mince that was in the fridge on the 4th Feb they were completely gone off - brown and smelly even though the best before was the 6th. My fridge was at the right temperature and everything else was ok but it was a shame to have to throw so much meat away. The only thing I can think of was that there wasn't enough gel cool packs in the box keeping the meat cold - only one set for a massive double-sized box.
In conclusion, the meat is lovely but it would be nice to have an order that turned out perfectly!

Would also like to point out that their chicken breasts are the biggest I've ever seen!

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