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Complete lack of customer service and appalling attitude from Customer Service Manager.

Mattress ordered 11 January 13 with expected delivery within 7-10 days.
Email received 12 January advising that once goods in stock I would be contacted by email to ask when delivery the date will be convenient.
Nothing further heard from Mattress Online until 21 January when I receive an email advising that the courier had tried to deliver the item on many occasions to be informed that the person is not known at the address.
I had not been contacted to agree a convenient delivery date and the courier had been attempting to deliver to an incorrect address.
I asked for delivery to be rearranged and was told that I would have to contact the manufacturer direct.
After several attempts to contact the manufacturer only to be told that they were not a delivery company and did not arrange deliveries, I contacted Mattress Online again on 26 January and was informed that they could not chase the manufacturer until the following week.
Completely confused at this point because Mattress Online's website stated that they had these mattresses in their own stock and available for next day delivery, I ask for delivery to the correct address to be arranged for 31 January from their own stocks. No reply.
On the morning of Monday 28 January I phone Mattress Online and am promised a call back. No call back received. So I email again that afternoon. No reply.
29 January I finally receive a call back to advise that delivery had been arranged with the manufactuer for 31 January with a request for the courier to call an hour before delivery.
No delivery took place on 31 January. No phone call received.
On 01 February I call first thing and ask to speak to the Customer Services Manager. I am told she is in a meeting and will call me back. 3pm no call back received. I call again and am told (rather hesitantly) that she is away from her desk. I ask for someone to locate her. I am advised somewhat guardedly to send an email as those are seen by 'everyone'.
So, I email the Customer Service Manager setting out the full details of my complaint and asking that the mattress be delivered the following day 02 February, from Mattress Online's own stocks.
Her reply was quite a stunner. After placing the blame on both a 'new member of staff' and the manufacturer, she advised that the mattress was being delivered that day - a date I hadn't agreed to and when there was nobody there to accept it. I reply, again requesting that delivery be made on 02 February. No reply.
I email Customer Service asking for the email address of a Director to whom I can progress my complaint. I am told to email Customer Service.
I send an email to Customer Service FAO Directors of Mattress Online. No reply. I send another. No reply.
Finally another response from Customer Services Manager, this point bordering on downright rude. Apparently it was my fault because I hadn't advised them that there would be nobody there to accept delivery on 01 February.
I repeat - Delivery had been arranged for 31 January . Delivery did not take place. Nobody contacted me to explain why delivery had not taken place. Nobody contacted me to ask whether delivery would be acceptable for 01 February. How then was it my fault?
In frustration and desperation, I raise a dispute with PayPal asking for delivery of my mattress on 02 February.
Thankfully the driver who attempted to delivery on 01 February had the presence of mind to leave a card with the telephone number of the depot. I called this on 02 February and was advised that the van had broken down on 31 January and they could call because the telephone number they had been given by Mattress Online was a digit short! The depot was extremely helpful and delivery rearranged for 09 February.
On 04 February I receive and email from Mattress Online advising that the courier van had broken down on 31 January (yes, I managed to find that out for myself without any help from you) and could I please advise a convenient day for redelivery. I emailed back informing them that I had been in contact with the courier and delivery had been rearranged.
Problem solved? All sorted? You would like to think so, wouldn't you?
This morning I receive a phone call from the courier to reconfirm that delivery will take place on 09 February.
Brilliant? What can possibly go wrong now?
Arrive home this afternoon to email from Mattress Online Customer Service Manager. She has cancelled my order.
I email her immediately (no point telephoning as she is never available and doesn't return my calls) pointing out that I have never requested, nor given authority to cancel my order and that delivery has already been rearranged. A fact that she was well aware of.
Her reply - an incredibly snotty email informing me that she does not need my authority to cancel my order.
I ask for the name and email address of her superior in order that I can make a complaint. She advises that I should address my complaint to her.
Upon further insistence, she provides me with the name of a Director but my email is to be addressed to Customer Service. Is there any point?
Only 2 days away from confirmed delivery, this woman has cancelled my order.
I have wasted 4 weeks on this futile and incredibly frustrating exercise.
My daughter has a brand new bed but is sleeping on the sofa without any prospect of a mattress being delivered in the forseeable future.
My advice to anyone considering placing an order with Mattress Online is to save themself a whole lot of unecessary stress and go somewhere else.

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