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Battery Megastore

Poor communication, errors on website, don’t waste your time and money

Order a replacement car battery, found the website to simple and easy to navigate and find the (supposedly) correct battery, ordered the item and the Battery arrived the next day, unfortunately the battery was not the correct one for my vehicle.

I contacted them by phone and was advised that their website is ‘only a guide’ as noted in the small print of their terms and conditions. They would not issue a refund unless I posted the wrong battery back to them at my cost; they would however offer a ‘free’ swap if I ordered another battery although they could not guarantee the new battery world fit my car.

I gave them the exact dimensions of my existing battery including the location of the terminals over the phone, this information at some point got mixed up, after the battery was ordered I checked their website and noticed that the terminals for were the wrong way around for the battery code they had given me, I called them up to advise them of this and they advised me it was to late and the wrong battery had already been dispatched, they also advised I would probably be able to ‘stretch’ the cables over to the terminals.

After checking my car it was clear that this would be impossible due to the type and position of the connectors. I contacted the company again the following morning to see if it was possible to cancel the delivery, this time to a person who appeared to know what he was talking about, within 5 minutes he was able to identify the correct battery for my vehicle (not the one I had been sent) he did not understand how the wrong battery had been ordered, he advised me he would call me back after he had spoken to their dispatcher. He also did not understand how it was not possible to change the battery when I called the previous day as the time I called was before the dispatch cut of time. He did not call me back.

I contacting the company the following day I was advised that I would again have to pay for returning the battery even though it was their error.

3 days of waiting for couriers, £15 out of pocket for return postage and no new battery.

In my opinion I / you would be better off going to a local independent garage where they can ensure that the correct battery is installed and the old battery disposed of at a not so dissimilar cost. Also if there is a problem in the future it would be a much simpler and cheaper procedure to resolve locally.


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE SCAMMERS if you do make sure you use a credit card as you will have a better chance of eventually getting your money back:

Numerous telephone calls and equerys later no refund, only the same automated responces, reported to credit card company.

Very poor service, 'in stock' may mean 'out of stock', price may change post order....

Ordered a 3TB hardrive, item noted as in stock on their website, a week later I received a garbled (mixture of HTML code and text) email advising that the item was out of stock, however the item still appaeared on their website but at a higher price, I tried to contact them via thier online help section but kept being directed back to standard automated responses, I managed to eventually get through by phone, they advised be I could either cancel the order for a refund or pay the extra for the same item!

Cancelled the order, ordered the same item from Amazon at a cheaper (£20) price, item arrived the next day, will never be using WAE+ again.

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Ordered small item online, payment never taken, item never arrived, credit card since been used fraudulently.

If used call your bank / credit card company to cancel your card ASAP.

Trading standards informed.

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