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FREE Mirror which doesnt turn up!!!!!!!!!!!!

After buying an oak tv stand, dresser, chest of 6draws and a treble wardrobe we were told we would receive a free oak mirror for spending over £1000 pounds. We were giving a delivery date and time bracket. On that day, the delivery men phoned saying they would be with us within 30mins so my boyfriend left work to go wait. But after 50mins of waiting he needed to get back to work so phoned my mum who was unaware of what we had ordered but lived around the corner so could pop down. She waited a further 5mins and the delivery men arrived and brought the boxes in and asked her to sign to confirm delivery. I then came home half a hour later to realise there was only 7 boxes not 8 and the mirror was missing. No copy of delivery note/receipt was left for me. I phoned straight away and was told they would check if the mirror was loaded on to the lorry that morning and if it came back. After 2 pointless phone calls back to us with 2members of staff phoning to say that because it was signed for we must have it!!!!! We obviously didnt. We was then told they would ring us back. They never phoned back so after 4days i emailed them and they phoned my partner again saying we had had it delivered and again they would ring back about it. This was not good enough for me so i therefore rang them back to ask was i getting the mirror or not, the guy replied yet again saying there had a signature therefore we had the mirror so no we would not get it. He said the mirror had been loaded that morning and had not came back. so clearly they must of dropped it off at the wrong house. I then asked to take this further and the manager was asked to call me back. she phoned my partner and said 1 of us should of been present at the delivery which we would of been if the delivery men was on time. she then suggested we should be carefull on who we choice to sign for our orders in which my partner said r u calling them thiefs, which she replied no. She told us at 1 point we had signed for 7 boxes which we said yes 7 boxes but there was ment to be 8 when she then said the dresser counts as 1 even tho there was 2boxes. This is where i think their error was made. she finally agreed to send us a mirror yet we still would have to pay £39 delivery fee. This service was absolutely shocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we were suggested as liars on 4different times and my mother was basically called a thief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

since posting this review my order as been looked at again and therefore i had the correct service and the lady was very helpfull. i was refunded my £39 and offered a 2nd free mirror for the hassle which was caused. i now rate 3stars as the experience wasnt great but i can not fault the product itself as its bloody lovely stuff . If everything was deliverd fine 1st time it would of been 5stars.

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