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Your one stop rip-off shop!

If you want a company that :

1. lies,
2. gives you wrong information,
3. blames everyone else when things go wrong,
4. are unhelpful,
5. have terrible customer service,
6. try to rip you off,
7. refuse to help you,
8. hang up on you
9. leave you waiting on hold for ages
10. sends you on wild goose chases

then look no further, because with Expedia you have found all that, plus much much more!!

I was unfortunate enough to have to have dealt with Expedia last month, and i swear i will never ever again use this dreadful company even if they became the last travel company on the planet.
Trying to get a refund from these is like trying to get water out of a stone, only the stone would probably be a lot more helpful and courteous.
Their customer service should really change their name to customer disservice, as this gives a much better portrayal of the service you will receive from Expedia.
Their staff are rude, arrogant, unhelpful, send you on wild goose chases, hang up on you, refuse to help you out, speak down at you, insist they're correct even when all the facts say other wise, ignore your requests and generally don't appear to be able to understand basic english.



Very poor website- constantly crashes, pages show up as "page not found", company take payment info and then website goes down, promise a 3p sale, yet website would not work. Total con!

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