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They refunded in the end but it was stressful!!

It takes me years to decide to buy particularly a new camera Canon 6D and lens so parting with over $3500 was a big step. Researching (now I admit inadequately) I chose valuebasket as the price was slightly more compelling and they had several in stock. After completing the order, - nothing - weeks - nothing, now mild panic started to set in let alone a disappointment not to receive this 'by return' camera. So I started to research further to see if anyone else was having issues, yikes! so many seemed to experience what I had. So I called, finally got through to someone in Hong Kong, first person put the phone down on me, second one after several attempts answered and promised me within the day to get back to me with an email to explain where my order was, very nice, but obviously a well trodden road they'd been down before. No email. I phoned the next day, another person promises me to get back to me, they do, with a computerised screen telling me the order will be 'fulfilled' and an offer of a free memory card. A week, nothing, computer screen says the same. Don't forget they are still advertising the camera as in stock! So after a month, I call again, I want a refund. Yes, that can be sorted, but nothing after a week, then I call, and told to be patient as it takes 7 plus days to pay me back.
Well finally the money was paid back, and first reaction is relief, and of course disappointment. So well done valuebasket for not fleecing me of my money, you are obviously not a sham company, but as a service business supplying high end purchases that was not good enough, highly stressful and I cannot use you again after that experience.

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