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Great service!

Could find anything I need on their website, good price, I would say chaper than other online shops, but more important for me was a possibility to order everything I need in one place. Great communication, updated me on any step they are doing. Really like the service.

John Lewis

Failed to collect three times!

Received the mattress on Feb 27th, all in time, but damaged, so I requested a replacement... That where the nightmare started!

First they said the replacement will arrive on March 4th and collection will be done at the same time. On March 4th I gave them a call asking to confirm the delivery and collection, the guy I spoke said it would definitely be on that day. Stayed at home the whole day, no one came. At about 5pm I got a call from NightFreight courier telling me that delivery will be on Thursday. Was surprised and asked if collection will be on Thursday as well, lady told me that she had no idea about collection, as delivery only had been booked. Called John Lewis exceptional customer service again, explaining the situation, they apologised for failure and confirmed that collection will be on Thursday as well. The new mattress arrived on Thursday 7th, but drivers rejected to collect the damaged one, as the collection has not been requested and they had no paperwork to do it. OK, I called John Lewis again explaining the situation. Lots of apologies, as usual. Re-scheduled collection on Tuesday March 12th, this time "for sure", but no definite time window, I was told I had to wait the whole day. Today is Tuesday March 12th, I just called John Lewis customer service to confirm the delivery will be today. No surprise this time I was told that the collection won't actually be done today die to their website issues. The lady I talked to said it will "definitely" be on Thursday 14th.

It seems that the quality of service drops significantly if you need to do something different than order and delivery. The reason of shopping in John Lewis was that I expected the good quality service, but they appeared the same as others if not worse. For example I have done online orders returns and replacement in IKEA and they never failed at any point. I really do not know how long I should live with the mattress in the living room. May be they just do not need it back as disposal is expensive for them, I do not know. Just keep in mind, that if you need something more than delivery from John Lewis, they might be unable to do that and waste a lot your time.

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