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Good Flight, poor check-in Procedure at Cape Town

Coming back from a short visit in Cape town, we wanted to drop off our baggage.
After this procedure, we , my wife, my daughter and me were asked about hand luggage and we showed three times nomal sized, not overweighing hand luggage plus......a Girafe as souvenir, 80 cm long, weighing 2.1 kg, which we intended to put in the overhead compartment - start of a nightmare:
the lady at the counter and her CPT for F/C forced back our luggage, "begged" us to enliver 2.1 kg from this luggage and then sent us for overweigthed luggage which costed 100$. Finally the luggage was wrapped, 2.1 kg additionally was put into the hand luggage and I myself (being a frequent flyer) had to follow a 15 Minutes of explanation, why this has to be following this rules.
The check-in procedure took us about 45 Minutes, meanwhile other passengers passed by, some of them with the same "presents" like "our little problem" bearing it additionally to their hand Luggage.
Thanks a lot for this lecture in customers service and learn:
never ask some Official about a "why", that will only cause trouble

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