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knowhow know how to screw there customers.... can anyone help me thanks

heres my story!

right bought a samsung laptop series 5 i7 17" screen cost me £1200 with subwoofer and bits and acessories...

right i have kids at home got the extra knowhow insurance to protect my laptop about 2 months later kids accidently broke the charger bit in laptop so took it to knowhow sent it off the repaired the problem got home same night checked laptop propperly and relized 1 of my speakers not working... so i took it back to knowhow very kindly no swearing or anything and patinetly said i think your engineer didnt connect my speaker so sent it off waited 3 weeks for it to come back got it repaired PROPERLY!...
wait theres more....

right i got my laptop back after a week everything was spot on.... one day i was getting late to work i was rushing around and i had laptop on in my hands opened on top of my stairs i accidently slipped and the laptop went crashing down stairs and on top of this me mother was cleaning at bottom of stairs so the laptop landed in a bucked of water and i rushed downstairs switch it of lefted to dry came back from work the laptop was completely damages and soaked with broken screen battery and cd player was broken yes its my fault accidental damage not my day that day so i took it back to knowhow they sent it of to repair told them briefly what happened got a phone call from knowhow how saying sorry we are not going to repair your laptop because the damage is too much to what i said at currys pc world so told the guy but excuse me im sorry but no one told me to give you a full detailed report and i didnt say it fell from 3-5 step downstairs is said 15-16 step now you can image what state my laptop with be ive wrote to the comany detailed report and after reading your guys comments i dont think they gonna do anythingh about it is there anything i can do please help,,,, thanks

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