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waiting waiting and waiting, BOTH VERY and YODEL XL

I ordered a cupboard on the 20 jan 2013 via the phone and also paid an assembly payment of 89 pounds, I was told my delivery would come 30 Jan, and I wold be called for a reference number about the assembly service so that I can contact them when it comes.

Had I not called back in a few days because I was not contacted for a reference I would have not known that the person on the phone did not take an assembly payment
I then had to pay for that again.
The cupboard was delivered on the 29th, I called for the assembly and they gave me a date in another 1 week time. I was not happy about this as I have paid for a service and I am having to wait another week, when I can get it done private. I requested an earlier date which they said was not possible. When I was going to cancel, the assembly and requested a refund, I was then straight away offered another date which was closer. I still refused and asked for a refund, your staff said OK and cut the line. I had to call again and go through the whole process to make sure that I got the refund because the staff did not mention whether it was processed and when I will get my refund.....
When I spoke to another staff member and explained the previous person cut the line, he said I should receive REFUND in 3 working days which I still have not received: it has been 8 working days.

Furthermore the cupboard was the incorrect size, so wrong information online, I had opened the boxes myself, and could not fit it in my room as it was much more larger than it said it would be. I had to call again and ask for a return on the 29th jan. I was told to pack the product as well as I possibly could. I explained on the phone one box was half opened because I could not close it as the boxes were ripped. The person on the phone said it should be OK.

I was told it would be collected on the 1st of Feb. On the day, the driver refused to take the one particular box that was opened as it was unsafe. I had to call again and request bubble wrap and re-book delivery. I was posted bubble wrap which was approx 1 meter long for a cupboard that was much bigger than that, which you should have known.... So I had to organised a cardboard box myself as the bubble wrap was not enough to go around the box even half way.
Collection was booked again for the 6th, I got an automatic texts on my phone for the 6th and it was cancelled, no REASON given.... then again for the 7th. even though its booked I have staff calling me from YODEL XL about booking a collection, I explained I have a booking, they tell me they have no record of it. I explain I am getting these texts how can you not know. The person says they have no information on the system therefore I re-book for the 7th AGAIN!!
When they came to collect on the 7th the staff again refuse to take delivery as he has only one label for 4 boxes. It is a CUPBOARD, I'm sure they should have known that it would be BIG. !!!!!!
Now I still have a CUPBOARD, lying in my living room, all wrapped SAFE to remove, however I am not able to get rid of it, and I cannot get a refund as YODEL XL with three attempts have failed to collect it!!!!!!!
I have spent my days off or had, had to organize a person to stay home for THESE MANY collections.
I was called yesterday 7TH FEB about a reschedule, repeated myself about why it was not collected and was told they will call back. They didn't.....NO SURPRISE....
I am having to repeatedly call you guys as you obviously do not know or communicate within your jobs or between Very and Yodel.
I called Yodel XL today 8th FEB and I again had to speak to a staff member and repeat myself again and again, I requested to speak to a manager to complain and I am still waiting for them to call back as I did yesterday.

I also called and I was told I will be called back. I am still waiting..... They have not re-booked a collection as the staff on the phone are telling me they can't..... I am shocked that they can't even re-book for me today, after everything...

This experience with VERY and YODEL XL has been exhausting for me having to repeat myself, I seem to be the only one communicating with your staff who don't seem to have a clue. Since the day I have ordered I have always had problems. This is not one or two mistakes this is more than one too many a customer could take. Staff are not giving full information, I am finding out information by failed attempts. I should have been told on the very first day when I called for a return, that I need to pack it well COVERED and your Staff should know a CUPBOARD will probably have 4 BOXES and come with the right amount of labels. as I received it in 4 BOXES initially. I should not be receiving various texts with various dates that does not show up on your system....

After all this I am still having to wait.
I definitely will not be using your service again, I hope you take this complaint very seriously and I really hope you can reflect on where things have gone wrong and how you can improve your service. I really hope someone else does not have to go through all this like I'm having to.

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